Playing Internet Games On Dial-up

The Internet provides a vast variety of entertainment. Its options are nearly endless and is expanding and improving daily. With the development of broadband services, the gaming and entertainment world online has revolutionized from its early beginnings only a short decade ago. Many people, unfortunately, do not have access to broadband and many real-time online games require higher speeds than dial-up can provide.

One type of popular online games today are role playing games, or RPG’s. This means that each player is playing the part of a character in a virtual world. Many times, the game sequences in real time, and dozens or even hundreds of people can also play the same game from all over the world, and the events of the game are happening at the same time for everyone. Dial-up and other slow connections often cannot display passing events in real time because of latency, the delay experienced because of long loading times. RPG’s can be played on dial-up if it is not in real time, or if the graphics are simple and easy enough for dial-up to load. An example of this is

There are many fun and engaging games that can be played on a dial-up connection, many of which are very popular for dial-up and broadband users alike. The key to finding a dial-up compatible game is to look for flash games. Flash games are games that are loaded by adobe flash player and are run from the website itself. This means that once the game is loaded, it runs completely without using your Internet connection. Usually, flash games do not require you to leave the webpage you are on when it loads. The means you can play the games offline! The following are some websites that offer free online flash games that work great with dial-up Internet connections:






These are only a few of the hundreds of gaming websites. Other gaming websites can be found by searching for “flash games” or “free online games” on a search engine like google.

The games may take much longer to load on dial-up than they would on broadband connections, but once they do, you can play for hours without experiencing any problems because of having a slow connection. In fact, you can even disconnect from the Internet after the game has loaded, and continue playing the game from the cached webpage. This means that you don’t have to tie up your phone line in order to play for extended periods of time.

Here are a few other tricks and tips:

Save your favorite games to your bookmarks or favorites list so you can access them quickly.

Load a new game on a separate window while you play another game. This way, you don’t have to sit and wait for the new game to load. It can load in the background while you are playing on another window.

There are hundreds of gaming websites, and some are better quality or load games more quickly than others. If you find a game you like, but the game window is very small or takes too long to load, run a search query for that game’s name to find other websites that have that game. Chances are, you’ll find a website that plays the game better than the other one.

Minimize a game window rather than closing it. This way, if you have other work to do or need to leave the computer for some time, you can set your computer to “Stand by” and come back later. You can then open the window you have minimized and your game will still be there. You won’t have to start over or wait for it to load again.

Don’t let having dial-up get you down, there’s still so much fun to be had!

The Value Of A Smile In Public Speaking

Imagine standing at the lectern. You see the many smiling faces of those in your audience. Your countenance, however, says anything but that you are glad to be there. While you may not be thrilled at the prospect of giving that speech or presentation, if your face displays your displeasure, how enjoyable will your delivery be for those who are in attendance?

If you read most articles and books on the subject of public speaking, they will tell you that there are only 3 reasons for public speaking: to entertain, to inform, or to persuade. In truth, however, all 3 of the above should be entertaining. And, while the sole purpose of the entertainment speech is obviously to amuse your listeners, why would you not want your informative or persuasive speech or presentation to be entertaining as well?

If your visage expresses your nervousness, your fear, your discomfort, or your anxiety, do you honestly think your delivery will be one that is enjoyable, engaging or gratifying? Your tone of voice, your facial expression and your body language convey your emotions. If all these factors are instead conveying your angst, then it is a guarantee that your audience will feel your anxiety as well.

A smile takes much less work than a frown and it certainly is more pleasant to view than an immobile face exuding pain. In addition, inducing laughter for both you and your audience releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Thus, if you laugh during your presentation or speech, your will find your body relaxing which will make your delivery that much easier. Not that I am advising you to deliver your material with a perpetual grin on your face; but, if you are able to add humor at various times throughout your presentation, you will discover one of the best means of controlling your nervousness. An added bonus is that your audience’s response to your humor will bolster your confidence.

When you first enter the stage or walk to the front of the room or to the head of the boardroom table, do not concentrate on your nervousness or your fear. Instead, concentrate on those in attendance and smile at them. The secret is to place more of your focus on them and less on yourself. As you begin your delivery, remember this advice and let it carry you throughout your presentation or speech. You will feel more confident, you will look more confident and you will sound more confident to boot!

Buy Traffic, Adsense Safe Traffic And Alexa Booster; Is It Worth It?

There are many beginner internet marketers who do not understand that, in order to be successful they need a ton of web traffic. And those that do realize the importance of targeted traffic fail at trying to generate it. Either because they buy traffic that is junk or they simply do not know how to develop a strategy to effectively increase site traffic. There are many methods, both free and paid, which can be combined in order to effectively and efficiently increase web traffic, while at the same time increasing Alexa traffic.

Do you need to increase site traffic? You can buy AdSense safe traffic, you can write articles, you can utilize social media YouTube Traffic, you can even obtain an Alexa booster, but truth is that whatever you choose to do, you must ensure that it is targeted traffic. Most people do not quite realize that in order for traffic to be valuable it needs to be targeted and REAL. This means that the web traffic you buy is of people who are expecting to receive your offers. These can be found in the form of solo ads and other methods of email marketing.

You have also heard of web traffic being referred to as AdSense Safe traffic. This means that the traffic does not violate Google’s Terms of Service (TOS) and that you will not have any problems with the Adsense advertisements you have placed on your site or blog. Most people fail to take this into consideration and then find they are battling with Google Adsense so that their account is not cancelled. This can easily be avoided if you make certain that the traffic you are acquiring is AdSense Safe Traffic. If you buy AdSense safe traffic you are at no risk of running into any problems with your account.

Another thing to take into consideration is the prestige a good Alexa traffic ranking will give you. Alexa which is a web information company takes many things into consideration when ranking your site, just as Google does. Certainly you have seen many marketers asking about Alexa traffic, this is because Alexa knows and discards traffic that does not come from reliable sources. So, if you want to have great Alexa reputation you need an Alexa Boost in your site traffic.

You Tube Views are also a great way to increase web traffic to your site. As you already know social media sites, YouTube among them, have taken the web by storm. This means that people are spending more and more time in these sites. Perhaps for the entertainment, but the truth is that marketers have realized the power social networking has when it comes to doing business. This is why YouTube traffic is a very sought after form of web visitors. Do not lag behind on the socializing frenzy, create a great video and start receiving You Tube Views so and getting your site to a whole different level.

Now, let us review a little bit of what we have learned above: you do not want to be one of those people saying I need to boost my Alexa Rank or boost Alexa traffic to my site. So, make certain that you are getting quality traffic that is Adsense safe traffic and the ones that will give your site an Alexa Boost without the need of any bogus software.

Submit Rss Feeds For Endless Traffic!

Why do people submit RSS feeds? Surely there must be reasons behind them doing so faithfully. Webmasters submit RSS feeds when they update their website with new web pages or build new websites, while companies do so when new products enter the market. The one sole purpose is to drive traffic, or get visitors to their websites.

Where does the traffic come from? We need to understand how RSS feeds work so as to appreciate the whole mechanism of deriving traffic. RSS is simply put, Really Simple Syndication and in XML format. These are files that need to be parsed or read using aggregators or RSS readers.

Before you get drown in a complex myriad of terminology, I will explain things in simple digestible language. RSS feeds essentially displays news or content that refreshes and updates itself whenever the source is updated. Try to imagine that your website is a TV set, and each TV channel is an RSS feed. Each time the channel changes, we see a different image or content on your TV. The same goes for RSS feeds.

People use feeds to convey messages and bring news about finance, stocks, weather, entertainment, latest product reviews, shopping discounts etc to targeted audience. Webmasters can submit RSS feeds to RSS feed directories for free. Such an activity brings significant benefits:

1. Content Syndication

Webmasters are always hungry for unique content. RSS feeds are useful for content management and because content delivery is instantaneous without the need to dabble with and modify their web pages, it’s the choice content source of many websites today. They essentially find their feeds at RSS feed directories, either in general or niche topics. This is one main reason why it makes perfect sense to deposit or submit RSS feeds to these directories. Envisage the kind of traffic your website would receive if your feed is published on other websites in the same theme as yours.

2. Link Popularity

Did you know that you can build RSS feeds and incorporate your links to your websites? If your feed is displayed on another website, that is an additional backlink for you. This has a positive effect on your link popularity in time to come. Download RSS Builder, a freeware to try building an RSS feed of your web page. Submit RSS feeds after that.

3. Build Credibility

Almost all successful webmasters regularly submit RSS feeds of their websites. Since RSS feeds are popular, invest more time in creating news worthy information on your website before distributing the RSS feeds. This would improve the chances of getting your feeds syndicated on popular and authority websites. You can establish yourself as an expert and build credibility in the long run. Credibility is invaluable in business as people would entrust their money to you, ie purchase your products.

4. Content Delivery and Notifications

Subscribers of RSS feed directories would get occasion notifications about the latest RSS feeds available. Submit RSS feeds from time to time, and be a regular contributor of useful feed content. You would pick up many loyal fans along the way as people start book marking your website as their regular content source.

Expert webmasters understand the power of RSS feeds and more so, the importance of distributing feeds to as many directories as possible for explosive impact. Find out what secret tools they are using to submit RSS feeds to feed directories faster and reach more targeted audience at my blog.

This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Christmas Celebration In America

Christmas is being celebrated in United States with a wide variation of customs and traditions. This can be observed on wonderful Christmas display, caroling, dazzling Christmas lights and lanterns on the side of the streets and even in shopping malls, buildings and other business establishments. For most American, Christmas is the happiest time of the year to have great times with the family, relatives and companions. It’s the time of giving and appreciation on the sacrifice of Jesus to the people.

Families don’t always have time to celebrate Christmas because it’s just once a year. Also, there are several means on how the families celebrate the Christmas season. In the United States, the celebration could be similar in other nations but there are also variations in other ways. The majority of families in United States celebrate Christmas with the exchange of memorable gifts and warm greetings and family visits.

American houses are decorated with beautiful Christmas ornaments like balls, mistletoe, strings and lanterns. In addition, the outside of many houses is covered with luminous and colorful lights that give shining glow at night. And the Christmas décor will not be complete without putting a Christmas tree. The tree is made of plastic materials but some families used real pine tree for added fun and thrill. It is frequently topped by a star that represents the star of Bethlehem. Children assist their parents to smarten up the tree with some great decorations.

Giving gifts to the people we love, whether small or big, is also part of the celebration to show our love and thanks to others. For families, gifts are often placed under the Christmas tree and the children will be astounded in the morning of Christmas day. Furthermore, children often time hang empty socks over the fireplace on Christmas Eve and as they wake up in the morning, they will find them full of candies or chocolates.

A special celebration with the family has also a important role in the Christmas celebration. A sumptuous dinner is being cooked and enjoyed by the families. No doubt, family members from near and far usually unite on Christmas Day for an annual gathering and holiday feast.

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What Are The Most Popular Forms Of Corporate Entertainment One Should Consider?

When assigned to choose entertainment for a corporate event, it is not always easy to determine what type of entertainment you should book and where to find and book said entertainment. There are many different types of entertainers available for corporate events so it is important to be aware of all of them so you ensure that you pick the right entertainment for your particular corporate event.

A singer is often chosen for a corporate event. There are many different types of singers available to meet any musical taste. It is important to choose a singer or singers that will be enjoyed by your particular guests. Whether it is country, rock, jazz, pop music, easy listening, etc, the type of entertainment you choose should be enjoyed by almost all of the guests. As well, types of singers can be a solo singer, choir, band, rock bands, big band, etc. If you choose the singer wisely, you will find that most of the attendees will be happy.

Another very popular entertainment choice for a corporate event is a comedian. People at corporate events love to laugh and it brings the crowd together for a good time. Comedians also help guests to relax and rejuvenate their minds. It helps people return to the corporate events with a fresh, clear mind. When choosing a comedian, it is important to know if the comedian you choose will offend your audience with offensive language or actions. It is essential to maintain your company’s reputation so you should know what the comedian will be doing before you hire. You can always ask for a demo tape to watch to determine if the entertainer will be appropriate for your attendees. Perhaps an edgier comic would be suitable for employees only, and a more ‘wholesome’ comic would be better suited for an event with clients and their families.

A magician’s show is another type of entertainment that is popular at corporate events. A magician puts on a magic show during a corporate event that includes a wide range of unique tricks to entertain the guests. It is a good idea to get a magician who can perform more than just the traditional magic tricks so the guests will not get bored. There are also various types of dance artists available such as ballroom dancers, ballet dancers, and hip-hop dancers. If you have reserved a fair bit of time, you can always hire a theater group to put on a play. Impersonators can also entertain your guests, particularly impersonators that can imitate famous people.

Two other types of entertainers can be keynote speakers and motivational speakers. These types of speakers can make people laugh and even inspire. They can help people look at things in a new way. When choosing the entertainment for your corporate event, it is important to consider the theme of the corporate event, the type of guests attending, and they atmosphere of the event, whether it is themed, professional, formal, rowdy, or casual. Talent booking agencies are the ideal source to finding the best entertainment for a corporate event. When you search online, you can review the websites of various talent agencies to learn about their services and costs. Once you have found a good talent agency, you just need to give all of the relevant information about your event and they can help you find the best entertainer for your event.

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